Since the first protoype, we have been making quite some videos. You can find the all on our Youtube channel:
We have also a learning Youtube channel with a lot of short pieces and tablature:


These are the most essential ones:

Presenting the Kelstone

Setting up the Kelstone


Explanation of the harmonics


Early video with several playing techniques

A lot of work but fun! Shows also how you can ‘beat’ a Kelstone

Kelstone with a beat, vocals and saxophone

Best wishes for 2009

Night Thing: arrangement for 2 Kelstones

Profondo Blu: all sounds by a Kelstone, processed

Impro late at night: arrangement for 2 Kelstones

Amazing Green Pocket Calculator

Kelstrut, a lot of different sounds on the Kelstone, arrangement for 3 Kelstones

Diamond Love: very early video with double Kelstone

797204, solo with the muter on