John Frizell, Hollywood composer:

‘The Kelstone is a truly innovative and beautifully designed instrument. While it’s tone has similarities to guitars, the technique used to playing it results in new musical ideas that weren’t possible before.’

Nathan Barr, film composer:

‘The Kelstone is a unique re-envisioning of a guitar fretboard which allows me to see the guitar through fresh eyes and inspires me to think about harmony and melody in a new way when writing with the instrument.

Steven Willaert, film composer:

‘As a filmcomposer and a non-guitarplayer, the Kelstone is a God’s gift for me.
From day one it allowed me to have direct access to the sound of a real string.
It’s vibration, envelope, physics, it’s bendings and slidings.
I use it for simple things (chords, scales, melodies) but that is most of the time what a good arrangement needs.


Eckard Vossas, improvising electronic jazz musician:

‘Since I make music I always dreamed of the liveliness and natural vibrancy of string instruments, especially guitars, as expressive sound source, although being a keyboarder. This deep desire goes with the myth, that the Moog synthesizer was only invented, because keyboard musicians wanted to play like Jimi Hendrix. But all my trials with guitars failed, till I detected the Kelstone and finally I found that instrument, which lets become this dream reality.
And now the new split pickup doubles for me as improvising electronic musician all the vibrant power and possibilities: two outputs, two different processing means: what an orbit of live sources: this is the spirit of Moog and Hendrix!’
‘The orchestral combination of guitar sound (vibration, bindings, slidings, freedom) and complex electronics far away from boring mechanical activities results in sound madness. The Kelstone enables the electronic Jimi Hendrix without guitar, with a broad spectrum of expressiveness, sound and timbre qualities.’