• How do you tune a Kelstone?
    Check the manual on page 17 to 19:As the open strings are muted, the best way to tune the Kelstone is by hammering on certain notes on the neck:
    I always start with the note on the 3th fretposition on the 7th string, then the fifth higher on the next string, then an octave on the next string and so on. At the end I go back to the 8th string (3th fretposition) and the 9th string (8th fretposition because my electronic tuner has difficulties recognizing low frequenties, but you can take any note that you want).

1—————9 C)—————-
2————9 (G)——————
3———7 (C)———————
4——-7 (G)———————–
5—–5 (C)————————–
6—5 (G)—————————-
7-3 (C)——————————
8———————-3 (G)———
9—————————–8 (G)—

This is also the area where you play the most: the lower strings at near the nut and gradually as the strings sound higher, you move to the higher frets.